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     I really enjoyed the training I received at Aguila Defense Training by Sean and Lyu. It was very helpful and constructive. Had a lot fun and will be back for more.  I will highly recommend It if you have no experience or if you just don't understand much about firearms these guys are awesome!!

      Albert Roger (2016) 


       Aguila Defense Training once again provided a comprehensive rigorous practical curriculum with just enough intensity to drive the point home. The program is great. Quick explanation of the drill followed by the theory of why it is important and live fire practice. The instructors make sure students adhere to safety protocol at all times. Had a lot fun and will be back for more. Keep up the good

        Eddy Garza (2017)


        Last week I took my intro to firearm Sean was a great instructor, we went over the laws and regulations of the concealed weapons permit. We also received some informative booklets. The class was educational and enjoyable. My favorite part was the intro to handguns, I was lucky enough to be the only one in that portion of the class cuz I had cero experience at the moment. He took his time with me and answered all my questions. I learned a lot about guns and rounds. The best part was testing different handguns and teaching me proper form. I feel much more confident now and am looking forward to coming back to possibly future classes...I recommend Sean and Lyu as an instructor if anyone asks.

        Brandon  M.  (2017)


       With Sean as my trainer. I learned a lot, he was very nice and very informative. answered all my questions and made the class a great experience. Definitely recommend to sign up in their Academy Program you lear a lot more.

       Jose Poot-Mutul (2016)


       I took a private lesson with Lyu and was exceptionally productive and educational. It's unbelievable how much more you can learn when you actually become a regular student  that education is the prerequisite to everything..  I have been taking classes for over a year. I totally recommend you do the same. Some people take one class they think they learn enough but that's just the beginning there is so much more to understand and of course for practice.  I'm so glad I met Lyu she's a great teacher.

        Renata Pereira (2018)


        Aguila Defense Training is an excellent way to learn Self-Defense. I now feel more confident when walking around alone, knowing I can defend myself if necessary. I've learned so much very quickly, becoming stronger and more skilled in all sorts of self-defense techniques. Lyu Lopez makes classes very fun as well! I always look forward to learning self defense from her.


         Annika Salmi (2015)



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