Self Defense and Fitness Courses




The tools you need to physically defend and protect yourself and your family through various real-life scenarios and proven defensive tactics. Empower yourself!

Aguila Defense Training will train you to improve psychological awarness and verbal skills, not just physical training. 



Self Defense Training



Learn how to condition yourself to be alert and aware of dangerous situatios.

Discover how to use your natural instincts to protect and defend yourself.

Acquire knowledge of your attacker's vulnerable body points and use it to your advantage once they enter your personal space.

Learn essential strickes,blocks, and kicks when in the grip of an attacker.


Self Defense For Kids

Kids self defense classes will benefit them in many ways, Build self confident and self discipline.

Bullies often look for kids that are unaware or unprepare let your child learn not to be that person. Aguila defense training gives children the skills they need to defens themselves. 

Our Classes are a one on one training. Give us a call or send us an imail to schedule your introductory lesson. 


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